Trust and security in mobile communications

AUTHADA revolutionises existing identification processes and verifies your customers identity using the electronic identity (eID) of the identity card and the NFC interface of the smartphone. This allows the transmission of your customers identity within seconds, based on sovereign master data.

You can increase your customer base in a short period of time via the mobile, uncomplicated and fast legitimization. For the markets banking, insurance, eGovernment, eHealth and eCommerce additional identities are available online in the Know Your Customer (KYC) area, in line with anti money laundry legislation.

We secure the privacy of your customers in digital business processes by offering a digital and universal identity and encrypted transmission as per BSI-Standard.

With AUTHADA you reach your customers in Web, by phone or app.


Perfect cost-benefit ratio

In the KYC process, your customer is identified with the NFC interface of her/his mobile device. This reduces the cost of the complicated and legally uncertain authentication methods used to date.

High data quality

The federally verified ID data of the customer is encrypted and transferred to your systems without detours and imitation.

Real-time identification

You can identify your customers in real-time and immediately use the data for your business processes.

Verified security

The electronic identity and the associated two-factor authentication (pursuant to PSD2) fulfills the highest requirements on security and safety within BSI standards.

Increased closure rates

The identity is confirmed automatically – no waiting time, no video stream, no TAN, no SMS and no media disruptions.

Legal conformity

The AUTHADA products comply with all requirements laid down in the data protection laws and the Money Laundering Act.