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Flexible securities account opening thanks to the eID process​

In addition to video identification, this financial service provider also offers its customers AUTHADA ident as an option for identification using an ID card and the NFC interface of the mobile phone. This is in line with the consumer behaviour of our digital age, in which customers are used to performing their transactions independently, on the go and 24/7. Digital, legally compliant and easy!

The challenge:​ to make it simpler to open a securities account at any time

To open a securities account, customers of this financial services provider previously only had the option of video identification. Not everyone is keen on video identification, as they need to make an appointment, talk to someone on the phone, and appear “on camera”. In addition, customers have to contend with waiting times during peak times. For the financial services provider, working with a video identifier meant extensive forecasts, with estimates for applications for the following month being difficult to make, as well as incurring high costs and great effort.  

»Even faster and easier to set up your own securities account; thanks to AUTHADA ident, this is no problem for our customers.«

AUTHADA_sign die Signatur-Lösung

The AUTHADA solution in action

Thanks to the integration of AUTHADA ident, customers can now choose which identification method is right for them and which one they would like to use. When performing identification using AUTHADA and eID, customers can confirm their identity and complete the application within a very short time. They enjoy complete freedom in that they do not need to make an appointment or make a video call to verify their identity. For the financial services provider, using online identification means expanding their offer to 24/7, maximum scalability and significantlylower costs. With this identification method, the costs are reduced by half and cumbersome processes, such as forecasts for the next few months, are no longer necessary.

»Our customers are digital and not only want to manage their securities account, but also open it in that way. We are pleased that we can meet this need, thanks to AUTHADA ident.«

Our customer projects: AUTHADA solutions in use

  • Always making use of the latest technology is not only a good decision when it comes to smartphones. With AUTHADA onsite and sign, you can conclude a contract for a new smartphone with your customers in just a few minutes. GwG-compliant identification and digital contract conclusion in one step! You save time, money and paper!

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  • Using their ID card and smartphone, the customers of this telecommunications provider identify themselves independently within a few minutes. The newly purchased SIM card is then immediately ready for use. Quick and smooth customer onboarding – with a reduction in costs, process optimization and the greatest degree of security!

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  • A player might want to quickly increase the amount of money or their bet and may have to identify themselves again to do so. The possibility of identifying oneself using an eID enables flexibility, speed and reliability for the players and satisfied customers for the companies.

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