digitale Identität mit AUTHADA und helix id

Blockchain HELIX has developed an app that helps consumers organize and protect their digital identity. The blockchain-based app - helix id - uses the digital identification solution of AUTHADA to verify the data entered by the user.

Darmstadt / Frankfurt, September 3rd, 2020 – Blockchain HELIX is a German blockchain technology start-up. The company offers a digital identity solution for individuals and businesses. The free app has been available in the app stores since mid-August. Using the app works as follows for private individuals who want to manage their digital identity in a self-confident way:

The user downloads the app, registers and enters his or her personal data. In the next step, he or she must verify his or her data once and then holds a verified and self-determined digital identity within the app. His or her data will only be passed on to other parties with his or her consent and only to the extent necessary for the transaction. A cryptographic key created exclusively for the user encrypts the data directly on his or her smartphone. No personal data is stored within the blockchain or any other publicly accessible system.

The identity check, which is required once after entering the personal data, is carried out with the eID service of AUTHADA, for example, if it is an identification according to the Money Laundering Act (MLA). The digital identification service of AUTHADA via app is integrated into the onboarding process of helix id, which means that the identity verification process is completed within seconds. For this purpose, the user is simply directed from the helix id app to the AUTHADA app, where he or she can digitally identify himself or herself by means of an electronic identity card or residence permit. AUTHADA’s eID service is seamlessly integrated into the onboarding process and enables the user to identify himself or herself digitally within seconds with his or her online ID, the corresponding PIN and an NFC-enabled smartphone.

"We are very pleased to provide this innovative app from Blockchain HELIX with the digital identification service from AUTHADA, a solution that enables helix id users to identify themselves fully digitally and without media discontinuity - the interaction of the two apps offers a contemporary customer journey", explains Andreas Plies, CEO and co-founder of AUTHADA. "For consumers, helix id is a free app, for business partners it is an integrated solution," emphasizes Oliver Naegele. He is founder and CEO of Blockchain HELIX, the Frankfurt-based technology start-up that developed helix id. "We give the user control over his digital self. We enable the companies, our so-called Trusted Partners, to fully comply with legal and liability regulations for online business".


AUTHADA is a Darmstadt cybersecurity company. The identification solutions of AUTHADA are based on the eID functionality of the electronic identity card and the electronic residence permit. Using an NFC-capable smartphone, persons are identified within seconds from a distance or on site. Legally secure on the basis of German and EU legislation, as well as application secure due to the certification of these solutions by the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). With its eID service, AUTHADA thus offers a leading technology that is already being used by well-known customers. Since March 2020, AUTHADA is also a certified identification service provider, which allows digital identification in all markets. In addition, AUTHADA is an ISO/IEC 27001 certified company. This international standard for information security ensures that AUTHADA complies with extensive information security requirements and implements comprehensive measures for data protection.

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About Blockchain HELIX

Blockchain HELIX is a German Blockchain-Startup from Frankfurt am Main. With helix id, the company develops a solution for digital identities for consumers and companies. The goal of Blockchain HELIX is to create a trustworthy and secure digital economy and society and to become the European market leader for a verified and self-determined digital identity.
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