Pressemitteilung CRIFBÜRGEL kooperiert mit AUTHADA

The eID service for more user-friendliness in digital onboarding: CRIFBÜRGEL now offers the eID process together with AUTHADA as partner. The new service complements the existing web-based solutions and thus extends the range of services in the field of digital onboarding.

Hamburg / Darmstadt, 20th July 2020 Banks and financial institutions are confronted with a special problem not only in Germany, but worldwide: open-banking ecosystems, new technologies and increasing customer requirements mean a rethink for established banks, but also open up numerous opportunities. With the emergence of new and open ecosystems that combine and bundle bank services with other services and thus focus on customer benefit and customer satisfaction, banks have the opportunity to take advantage of the digital transformation through targeted partnerships. This results in a new customer experience (CX) and additional sources of revenue are opened up. With this Open-X mentality, banks and new players in the market are joining forces to offer financial services in a true digital experience. With the Corona crisis, digitization takes on a completely new significance. The opportunities offered by digital networking, or rather the fact that it is indispensable, are becoming clearer than ever. The rapid development and changing market requirements resulting from digitization are a strong incentive for the development of increasingly powerful value-added solutions. Due to the "next level" approach, CRIFBÜRGEL is always in a forward-looking mode. Data and information form the basis in a wide range of application areas of digitization.

The distinctive networking of information, technology and digitization know-how under the own CRIF roof creates the unique added value for CRIFBÜRGEL's customers.

CRIFBÜRGEL cooperates with AUTHADA

CRIFBÜRGEL therefore cooperates with AUTHADA GmbH with immediate effect and thus further expands its wide range of services in the field of digital onboarding: Together with the partner CRIFBÜRGEL offers from now on the eID process, a digital identification service. With the AUTHADA app, an NFC-capable smartphone and the electronic identity card including the PIN, identification in the digital world is possible within seconds. The new service complements the existing web-based solutions for customer identification of CRIFBÜRGEL, such as video identification or Self-Ident, the solution for ID scanning and the comparison of biometric characteristics for legitimation.

With PHYON™, CRIFBÜRGEL's Digital Onboarding Solution, the complete path of the customer from the first contact to the electronic signature can be digitally mapped and thus improves the user experience in the "phygital" (physical + digital) interaction with customers many times over. With PHYON™, CRIFBÜRGEL revolutionizes the entire customer acquisition process and maximizes efficiency in customer contact. Thanks to the innovative onboarding solution, CRIFBÜRGEL can map the entire customer experience phygitally. From the registration of ID cards and the automated readout of documents to the digital identification and authentication of the applicant and the qualified electronic signature.

The identification process is an important part of digital onboarding for those industries that need a unique identification of their customers to do business, e.g. banks and financial institutions, telecommunications, gaming and e-commerce providers.

Identity verification made easy

In order to open an account or a securities account, for example, with the AUTHADA solution customers no longer have to identify themselves at the bank or post office. Instead of a lot of manual effort and paperwork, an NFC-capable smartphone, the electronic identity card with activated online identification function as well as the corresponding PIN is sufficient. Digital identification via app takes only seconds and can be done anytime and anywhere. The eID service is available to users around the clock. New or existing customers can use it to obtain fully digital, money laundering-compliant identification either stationary at the branch or mobile on their own smartphone or tablet to open an account or securities account.

"Banks appreciate our sophisticated solutions for customer identification and credit assessment. With our comprehensive digital onboarding offer, we help them to make customer travel as smooth as possible, prevent media disruptions, reduce abandonment rates and thus generate more revenue. With the eID service from AUTHADA we can offer our customers another important component within the digital credit application process," says Dr. Frank Schlein, Managing Director at CRIFBÜRGEL. Andreas Plies, co-founder and CEO of AUTHADA, explains: "The integration of our eID service at CRIFBÜRGEL has created a forward-looking cooperation. Our digital identification solutions are now available to every customer of CRIFBÜRGEL and will bring an enormous advancement in the field of digital identities and the associated fraud prevention".

Cooperation that has a future

With its digital identification service AUTHADA offers smart solutions not only to banks and financial institutions but also to telecommunication, gaming and e-commerce providers. With the eID process, the Darmstadt company promises high conversion rates with the highest security standards. AUTHADA is a certified identification service provider. The eID service is certified by the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) and also complies with the European eIDAS regulation. Thus, the strictest data protection and security guidelines in Europe are fulfilled.


AUTHADA is a Darmstadt cybersecurity company. The identification solutions of AUTHADA are based on the eID functionality of the electronic identity card and the electronic residence permit. Using an NFC-capable smartphone, persons are identified within seconds from a distance or on site. Legally secure on the basis of German and EU legislation, as well as application secure due to the certification of these solutions by the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). With its eID service, AUTHADA thus offers a leading technology that is already being used by well-known customers. Since March 2020, AUTHADA is also a certified identification service provider, which allows digital identification in all markets. In addition, AUTHADA is an ISO/IEC 27001 certified company. This international standard for information security ensures that AUTHADA complies with extensive information security requirements and implements comprehensive measures for data protection.

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CRIF Bürgel GmbH is one of the leading information service providers for companies and private individuals in Germany and can look back on over 130 years of market experience. The company offers tailor-made solutions for identification, credit assessment and fraud prevention, for credit risk and address management as well as for digitalization and predictive analytics for companies and financial institutions. CRIFBÜRGEL is part of the globally operating credit agency group CRIF with headquarters in Bologna, Italy. The group is currently active on four continents with around 4,400 experts and 70 companies in over 30 countries. Every day, around 6,300 banks and financial institutions, more than 55,000 companies and over 310,000 consumers worldwide use CRIF's solutions.

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