Digital Identification Solutions

AUTHADA bietet Lösungen zum sicheren Identifizieren in der digitalen Welt an. Egal ob vor Ort oder aus der Ferne – AUTHADA hat die richtige Lösung für Sie und Ihre Kunden. Vollständig sicheres Identifizieren war noch nie so einfach wie mit AUTHADA – unterwegs, zuhause, egal zu welcher Uhrzeit oder direkt in der Filiale, am Point of Sale – mit ident und onsite wählen Sie die sicherste Lösung für das vollständig digitale Identifizieren.
Die Lösung sign ermöglicht darüber hinaus einen papierlosen und mobilen Vertragsabschluss.


With a German electronic identity card or electronic residence permit and the corresponding PIN, the AUTHADA app turns the smartphone into a card reader. With AUTHADA ident, you can identify new and existing customers within a few seconds – in full compliance with the law.

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AUTHADA onsite enables your employees to quickly and digitally identify customers on site. The data can be read out directly via NFC, without the secret PIN. You get the best data quality and optimize your customer onboarding processes.

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AUTHADA sign enables you to conclude a paperless, mobile and fully automated contract in just a few minutes. After successful identification, the customer signs the contract with a Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) without any media interruptions.

AUTHADA sign is legally secure and eIDAS-compliant, can be used in a mobile scenario or be combined with a website. The QES completely replaces the handwritten signature.


Integration Options


Integrate our standalone app in your process in the shortest possible time and save IT resources. Your customers will be redirected to our app from your website, from an e-mail or app.

Standalone-App in the Play Store (Android)
Standalone-App in the App Store (iOS)


Integrate our solutions smoothly into your processes within your existing app. Customise the White-Label SDK to suit your requirements and offer your customers a fully integrated mobile solution.

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