Solutions for secure identification and digital contracting
AUTHADA offers solutions for secure identification in the digital world. Whether on-site or remote, AUTHADA has the right solution for you and your customers. Completely secure identification has never been easier than with AUTHADA – on the road, at home, at any time or directly in the store, at the point of sale – with ident and onsite you choose the most secure solution for completely digital identification. The sign solution also enables paperless and mobile conclusion of contracts.

With a German electronic identity card or electronic residence permit and the corresponding PIN, the AUTHADA app turns the smartphone into a card reader. With AUTHADA ident, you can identify new and existing customers within a few seconds – in full compliance with the law.

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AUTHADA onsite enables your employees to quickly and digitally identify customers on site. The data can be read out directly via NFC, without the secret PIN. You get the best data quality and optimize your customer onboarding processes.

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The solution sign solution is a so-called Qualified Electronic Signature (QES), which is equivalent to a handwritten signature. The world of digital contract conclusion is thus revolutionised - time saving, cost saving as well as process optimisation are the consequences.

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