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Lower costs and more flexibility for customers ​

In addition to video authentication, customers of this large banking institute can also identify themselves independently with AUTHADA ident using their ID card and the NFC interface. This is in line with the consumer behaviour of our digital age, in which customers are used to performing their transactions independently, on the go and 24/7. Digital, legally compliant and easy!

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The challenge:​ to make it simpler to open a securities account at any time

To open an account, customers previously only had the option of performing video identification. Not everyone is keen on video identification, however, as they need to make an appointment, talk to someone on the phone, and show themselves on camera. In addition, customers have to put up with waiting during peak times. For the bank, working with a video identifier meant extensive forecasts, with estimates for applications for the following month being difficult to make. This results in high costs, on the one hand through customers who have not completed the application process due to the video legitimation, and on the other hand through processing the video identification.

»For us, AUTHADA ident is the optimal addition to our existing identification options. It gives every customer the opportunity to decide for themselves when and how they want to identify themselves.«

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The AUTHADA solution in action

Using AUTHADA ident simplifies the identification process for opening an account. If a customer wants to open a new current account or securities account on the bank’s website, they are redirected to the identification website. There, customers can select the eID service with AUTHADA ident for identification. The eID service can also be called up in the bank’s app and navigated from start to finish without media discontinuity. Users are guided through all the steps of the identity check in a user-friendly manner. The identification process is usually completed in two to three minutes.

Our customer projects: AUTHADA solutions in use

  • The online shop for premium and luxury fashion accessories fashionette has been preventing the misuse of stolen identities in its online shop since 2022 with innovative technology from AUTHADA. With the help of the ident solution, customers are protected from identity fraud and identity theft through a secure identification process. This is how fraud prevention works today.

  • Einer der globalen Marktführer im Bereich der Online-Prepaid-Zahlungsmittel bietet seinen Nutzenden seit 2018 die Möglichkeit, unabhängig von Videoident eine Online-Identifikation durchzuführen. Dank AUTHADA ident und der eID-Funktion des Ausweises können sich Nutzende innerhalb weniger Minuten unkompliziert und vollkommen digital GWG-konform identifizieren.

  • Always making use of the latest technology is not only a good decision when it comes to smartphones. With AUTHADA onsite and sign, you can conclude a contract for a new smartphone with your customers in just a few minutes. GwG-compliant identification and digital contract conclusion in one step! You save time, money and paper!

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