Projects: Financial sector

Online identification in their own branding​

Customers of this banking institution can open their account without media discontinuity immediately and effortlessly. Impressive in the in the splendour of their own corporate design, the process of online identification can be completed independently using a German identity card, residence permit or eID card for EU citizens. 

The challenge:​ to make it simpler to open a securities account at any time

Previously, this company only offered its customers the option of video identification. This meant high costs for the company itself, and appointments, waiting times and cumbersome processes for customers. In particular, the obstacle of having to appear in front of the camera or a video agent ensured that many potential customers cancelled their account or loan applications. 

»More flexibility for our customers and an uncomplicated identification process – we are pleased that we can offer this to our customers. Everything in our own corporate design. The perfect solution for us and our customers!«

AUTHADA_sign die Signatur-Lösung

The AUTHADA solution in action

​The software Development Kit (SDK) of AUTHADA ident has been fully integrated into the company’s app. Users have a seamless customer experience that enables them to apply for different products smoothly, quickly and reliably. In the app, customers can decide for themselves which identification method they want to use.AUTHADA ident promises maximum flexibility, the highest degree of integrity, anonymity and data security and, above all, speed. The number of customer transactions grew steadily thanks to the offer of two identification processes at the same time, while the costs of identification simultaneously decreased. The reason for the cost savings: online identification costs are half those of video authentication. A clear advantage for both sides!

Our customer projects: AUTHADA solutions in use

  • Always making use of the latest technology is not only a good decision when it comes to smartphones. With AUTHADA onsite and sign, you can conclude a contract for a new smartphone with your customers in just a few minutes. GwG-compliant identification and digital contract conclusion in one step! You save time, money and paper!

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  • Using their ID card and smartphone, the customers of this telecommunications provider identify themselves independently within a few minutes. The newly purchased SIM card is then immediately ready for use. Quick and smooth customer onboarding – with a reduction in costs, process optimization and the greatest degree of security!

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  • A player might want to quickly increase the amount of money or their bet and may have to identify themselves again to do so. The possibility of identifying oneself using an eID enables flexibility, speed and reliability for the players and satisfied customers for the companies.

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