Online identification without video

One of the global market leaders in the field of online prepaid payment methods has been offering its users the possibility of online identification independently of Videoident since 2018. With a prepaid card, people can make payments for online shops or services on the internet, for example in various online shops or online casinos. The electronic payment method works according to the prepaid model which means that the credit is topped up via prepaid cards. According to the German Money Laundering Act (GWG), identification is required for amounts above a certain limit. Thanks to AUTHADA ident and the eID function of the ID card, this can be done easily and completely digitally within a few minutes.

Designelement Ecke angeschnitten

The challenge

Online identification without video

According to the German Money Laundering Act (GwG), companies that offer electronic payment methods are obliged to identify their users above a certain amount of money. Since customers of the company buy the credit cards to use them immediately when needed, quick usability is important. However, online identification by video call is bound to certain times of the day when employees carry out the identification via video call. At peak times, when many users want to carry out online identification via video, customers have to expect waiting times. Our client was looking for a simple and fast digital identification procedure for the users, which can be easily integrated into their own process route and is accessible at any time and any place.

Ohne Videoident online Identifikation

The AUTHADA solution in operation

With eID Online Identification without video

With the digital eID function of the ID card and the ident solution from AUTHADA, users can identify themselves quickly and easily online – no matter when or where. All they need is a smartphone and their ID card. Video online identification can be completely dispensed with. In addition to the advantage of being able to carry out online identification at any time and any place, the costs of identification via eID are only half as high as with Vide online identification. After less than three minutes, nothing prevents the direct use of the prepaid credit – minimum effort with maximum benefit for users.

Customer Onboarding mit AUTHADA

Customized-Integration from ident

“Customized” variant: Our app & customer website

Für die Integration der AUTHADA-Lösung ident hat sich unser Kunde für unsere “Customized”-Integrationsvariante entschieden. Seine Kundinnen und Kunden starten den Identifizierungsprozess auf der eigenen Website. Hier wird ihnen ein QR-Code angezeigt, den sie mit der AUTHADA-App auf ihrem Smartphone scannen bzw. eingeben. Mit der AUTHADA-App und ihrem Ausweis identifizieren sich Kundinnen und Kunden komfortabel und anonym. Eine Videoident Online-Identifikation wird nicht benötigt!

Integration Variante Customized

More integration possibilities

Individual and suitable for your needs

AUTHADA bietet für die Integration der Identifizierungslösung ident weitere Integrationsvarianten. Bei der “Easy”-Variante werden Kundinnen und Kunden von der Website ihres Anbieters zur AUTHADA-Identifizierungswebsite weitergeleitet und können mithilfe dieser und der AUTHADA-App die Identifizierung durchführen. Bei der “SDK”-Variante wird unserer Lösung vollumfänglich in die Website und App des Unternehmens eingebunden. Die technische Lösung von AUTHADA läuft im Hintergrund.

Integration Variante Easy

“Easy” integration variant

Integration Variante SDK

“SDK” integration variant

Further customer Projects: AUTHADA solutions in use

  • fraud prevention in e-commerce

    The online shop for premium and luxury fashion accessories fashionette has been preventing the misuse of stolen identities in its online shop since 2022 with innovative technology from AUTHADA. With the help of the ident solution, customers are protected from identity fraud and identity theft through a secure identification process. This is how fraud prevention works today.

  • Einer der globalen Marktführer im Bereich der Online-Prepaid-Zahlungsmittel bietet seinen Nutzenden seit 2018 die Möglichkeit, unabhängig von Videoident eine Online-Identifikation durchzuführen. Dank AUTHADA ident und der eID-Funktion des Ausweises können sich Nutzende innerhalb weniger Minuten unkompliziert und vollkommen digital GWG-konform identifizieren.

  • Always making use of the latest technology is not only a good decision when it comes to smartphones. With AUTHADA onsite and sign, you can conclude a contract for a new smartphone with your customers in just a few minutes. GwG-compliant identification and digital contract conclusion in one step! You save time, money and paper!

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