Use Case: Digital signature

Sign a contract in less than 5 minutes – easy and with no media discontinuity!

Your customers are used to doing their business with their smartphones independently and at any time. Thanks to sign, contracts can now also be signed independently, entirely digitally and within a few minutes. It is totally uncomplicated with an ID card, the ID card PIN and a smartphone. Your customers create their qualified electronic signature (QES) and sign a contract in the same step, in less than two minutes. Respond to the needs of your customers!

Advantages of AUTHADA

  • Enable your customers to sign contracts immediately online.
  • Free yourself from being dependent on limited staff capacities, branch opening hours and cumbersome processes.
  • Ensure the highest degree of confidence in your digital offering, too.
  • Go even more digital and remain compliant with regulatory requirements.
  • Integrate sign into your process chain in just a few days.
  • Customize your AUTHADA solution according to your needs!

And this is how sign works

Start AUTHADA sign

Start AUTHADA sign and follow the instructions in the application.

ID Card and PIN

When prompted by the app, hold your ID card up to the NFC interface of your smartphone and confirm your identity by entering the 5- or 6-digit PIN.

Sign per click

Simply sign the document with just one click.

Data are transmitted

Your ID data and the signed documents are transferred to your service provider in the last step.

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The solutions for your processes

Use Cases: Potential uses for our solutions

  • Do you conclude contracts with your customers in the store or at the POS? Speed up this process with digital solutions! Because the use of digital tools can also shorten and simplify your processes on site. With AUTHADA sign, digital contract signing is easy and complished in just a few minutes - legally compliant with the highest security standards.

  • Don't keep your customers waiting: make it possible for them to fulfil their wishes in just a few clicks – thanks to ident and sign. It saves your customers long waiting times, annoying mountains of paper and the run-up to signing the contract. For you, this means a reduction in costs, process optimization and the highest level of security!

Interested? Questions?

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