Use Case: On-site identification

Quick and error-free directly into your system – the KYC process in just three minutes!

The KYC process in half the usual time? It’s possible with our smart on-site solution onsite. Capture the data of all  ID documents via OCR and have them transferred to your system fully automatically and error-free. A comprehensive function setup is provided for you so that the app adapts exactly to your needs. Save time, paper and process steps!

Advantages of AUTHADA

  • Become 100% digital – including at the POS.
  • Make an impression by complying with the strictest regulatory requirements.
  • Make use of fully automated data transfer.
  • Increase the quality of your customer data.
  • Scan, save and archive ID documents in just one step.
  • Save not only on paper but also processes.
  • Have specific areas, such as photos or OCR data, provided on request.
  • Find documents in your archive a few minutes later.
  • Give your customers your full attention.

And this is how onsite works

Step 1 onsite
Open AUTHADA onsite

Open AUTHADA onsite on your mobile device and follow the instructions in the application.

Step 2 onsite
Capture photos

Use the app to capture your customer’s identity documents.

Step 3 onsite
Read the ID card via NFC/OCR

In the course of this, AUTHADA onsite reads out your customer’s ID data.

Step 4 onsite
Data are transmitted

The photos as well as the data of the ID documents are automatically transferred to your system and archived there.

Interested? Questions?

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The solutions for your processes

Use Cases: Potential uses for our solutions

  • With AUTHADA onsite, you can transfer the ID card data to your system in just a few seconds! This means no more long waiting times, complicated processes and errors in data transmission!

  • Buy a SIM card and activate it directly at the POS? No problem with AUTHADA onsite. The mandatory identification can be carried out directly at the time of purchase. With AUTHADA onsite the data is transferred to your system within seconds, in compliance with the GPDR and the AML.

  • With onsite, the ID card data is read out via the eID function or via OCR. While the data is transferred to your system in a matter of seconds, your employees have the time to focus entirely on their customers. 

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