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From research to business! We made this leap in 2015. Since then, not only our AUTHADA team has grown, but also our product portfolio. We stand for quick, legally compliant and digital identification and signature solutions!

Our solutions digitise application procedures, optimize processes and transform even heavily regulated markets into modern, user-friendly and digital industries. With a growing team of over 30 motivated employees, we are constantly developing our solutions and adapting them individually to our customers.

We attach great importance to trust, innovation and solution orientation, both within the team and externally.

With confidence

We rely on security, legal compliance, transparency and data economy. That is why we do not store any data and we disclose our processes. We are big on trust!


We face the new requirements brought about by digitalisation with openness. We always develop our solutions with an eye to the future.


We always adapt our solutions to the needs and existing processes of our customers. In return, we find individual solutions for every application.

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Our certifications

Certified Identification Service Provider

The identification service of AUTHADA GmbH was verified and confirmed according to the technical guidelines of the German Federal Office for Information Security Technology (Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik, BSI). AUTHADA GmbH has been officially certified by the BSI in accordance with BSI TR-03128 (“zertifizierter Identifizierungsdiensteanbieter”, “IDA”) since March 2020.

Certified according to ISO/IEC 27001

AUTHADA GmbH has been an ISO/IEC 27001-certified company since October 2019. This international standard for information security ensures that AUTHADA complies with extensive information security requirements and implements extensive measures to protect data.

Certified by the BSI (German Federal Office for Information Security Technology)

Our solutions have been checked by the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) and certified according to the Technical Guidelines (BSI TR-03124) for eID Kernel. Hence, AUTHADA offers the highest safety standards.

TeleTrusT trust mark ‛IT Security made in Germany′

The federal association for IT security (“Bundesverband IT-Sicherheit e.V.”; TeleTrusT) has authorized AUTHADA GmbH to use the trust mark “IT Security made in Germany”. The use of the trademarked TeleTrusT trust mark “IT Security made in Germany” presupposes, among other things, the offering of trustworthy IT security solutions and the fact that the company’s IT security research and development takes place in Germany.

Positive assessment by the Commission for the Protection of Youth with the Media (KJM)

The AUTHADA solutions have been positively assessed for age verification (AVS concept) by the KJM, for closed user groups in telemedia. The KJM, having reviewed the concept, has come to the conclusion that AUTHADA identification system is suitable as a complete AVS concept against the KJM criteria for age determination.

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Relaunch of the corporate design: The AUTHADA apps and our website stand out in an impressive new design.


In addition to our identification solutions ident and onsite, AUTHADA also started offering a signature solution (QES) called sign in May.


AUTHADA becomes a certified identification service provider (“zertifizierter Identifizierungsdiensteanbieter”, “IDA”) according to the guidelines of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI).

With the telecommunications branch of the business, the company taps into a new market field.

In addition, the Tintexa subsidiary InfoCert is now a new shareholder.


AUTHADA GmbH becomes an ISO/IEC 27001-certified company.

There are also innovations in the app: the AUTHADA app for iOS devices becomes available in the App Store after Apple releases the NFC interface for iPhones.


Our identification solution is launched: the app is released and we have go-live with our first customer.


AUTHADA GmbH is founded in May of this year. The cornerstone for our company has been laid and the move from research to business gets underway.

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