AUTHADA expands product portfolio with new signature and onboarding solutions for the German market

09.03.2023 - reading time 4 minutes

The solution portfolio of the Darmstadt-based identification and signature provider AUTHADA is becoming even more comprehensive. Thanks to the cooperation with its Italian partner InfoCert, companies in Germany can now further simplify signature and onboarding processes. The new solutions “GoSign” and “TOP” offer maximum reliability and security and contribute to resource conservation and greater sustainability through process optimisation.

[Darmstadt, 09. March 2023] AUTHADA’s goal is to support companies in digitalising their processes, simplifying them and making them more flexible. Therefore, AUTHADA supports companies in working and managing in a more resource-efficient and sustainable way. Today, numerous companies from various industries – for example, the financial institutions Comdirect and the Sparkasse banks, the e-commerce fashionette and several telecommunications providers – already use AUTHADA solutions. In addition to its eID solution ident for digital identification, the identification solution onsite for on-site customer onboarding and the QES solution sign, the cybersecurity company also offers the solutions GoSign and TOP. These solutions also combine the idea of efficiency and sustainability, reliability and user-centricity as well as eIDAS conformity and the highest security standards, which already characterise AUTHADA’s other solutions.

Demand for more customisability increases

“The expansion of our solution portfolio is an important step for us in order to meet the needs of our customers and stakeholders in Germany in an even more targeted and individualised way,” says Andreas Plies, Managing Director and Co-Founder of AUTHADA. “Thanks to the addition of two solutions to our portfolio, we can digitalise and optimise complex processes and process chains of companies even better and more individually. Above all, this customisability has become increasingly popular in recent years and we are pleased to be able to meet this demand.”

Uncomplicated and legally secure signing with GoSign

GoSign enables companies to digitalise document and signature management workflows and thus simplify processes, conserve resources and save costs. The intuitive and eIDAS-compliant signature portal allows companies to set up signature processes within their company and together with service providers. With these digitalised signature processes, the highest level of efficiency is achieved at extremely low cost.

Simplify onboarding thanks to TOP

With the patented TOP (Trusted Onboarding Platform) solution, lengthy and complex onboarding processes belong to the past. Companies can have their customers identified and digitally signed within seconds. Preferred identification methods can be chosen from a range of different identification solutions – from identification via eID as well as biometric personal analysis. The same applies to the digital signature solution, every certification level is possible: from the Simple Electronic Signature (SES) to the Advanced Electronic Signature (AES) to the Qualified Electronic Signature (QES). Thanks to state-of-the-art API architecture, TOP can be integrated quickly and easily into existing processes. eIDAS conformity is also always guaranteed. In this way, TOP also contributes to digitalising and optimising corporate processes and saving resources accordingly.

Driving digitisation forward together

“We support digitalisation in Germany not only by participating in nationwide and Europe-wide research projects, but also by cooperating with selected companies. We are pleased, that with the two new solutions we can accompany companies even more comprehensively and at the same time more individually on their way of becoming a digital and efficient company”, says Andreas Plies, Managing Director and Co-Founder of AUTHADA. InfoCert and AUTHADA have already been working together since 2020. The cooperation enables the bundling of expertise, experience and know-how from several European countries and renowned corporate clients from a wide range of industries. Together, AUTHADA and InfoCert offer an innovative and diverse product portfolio, that is constantly being developed and expanded.


AUTHADA is a cybersecurity company that revolutionises existing identification procedures with its innovative digital identification and signature solutions. Banks, insurers, telecommunication providers or even eCommerce companies can use AUTHADA to identify their customers online or on-site in seconds and in compliance with the law via the electronic identity (eID) of the identity card. Due to the Qualified Electronic Signature (QES), contracts no longer require a handwritten signature at the regulatory level and can be con-cluded completely digitally. The AUTHADA solutions thus provide the optimal basis for digital transformation and process optimisation in companies.

AUTHADA was founded in 2015 and employs around 30 people at its location in Darmstadt. Certified by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) and according to ISO27001, AUTHADA fulfills the hig-hest security requirements.

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