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ID-Ideal research project – showcase for secure digital identities

Have you ever wondered how many digital identities you have? Probably quite a few. On average, each person has around 70 digital identities. Each individual identity is linked to data that we have released. But which data is stored where? How can I remove my data later? Keeping track of things and managing data that has been released requires quite a bit of work. 

ID Ideal
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The project

In the ID-Ideal research project, AUTHADA is working together with 14 other consortium partners to set up an ecosystem of secure digital identities. The aim of this project is to support citizens in regaining the power to make decisions about the use of their data. We are working together on an uncomplicated, data protection-compliant, user-friendly and trustworthy solution.  

In order to be able to collect and implement the requirements of all the stakeholders involved, the research team is considering various use cases together with the experts from the consortium. These come from various sectors such as city, industry, energy, trade, mobility and campus. 


»Our goal is to give citizens more personal authority when it comes to their data. They should be able to decide for themselves which data they make available to which provider and they should be able to manage their data themselves at any time – in a simple and uncomplicated way.«

Lisa-Marie Rösch, Project Manager

The idea

The idea behind the ID-Ideal project solution is to build an ID ecosystem with so-called “wallets”. All data and players are verified in it, so that there can be an efficient exchange of data. In addition to the ID card, driver’s license and health insurance card, other evidence such as certificates or documents can be stored in the wallet. From all of these forms of proof results the one digital identity that replaces all other previous identities. This means that it should be possible to carry out all processes easily across all sectors, for example registering and re-registering with the city, opening a bank account, age verification or showing tickets.

The wallet owner can see at any time which data he has made available to whom and can amend this decision. There is also the option of using the wallet to issue a qualified electronic signature (QES), which can be used to sign contracts from the comfort of your sofa.

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Our role

As an identification and signature solution provider, AUTHADA provides support with its expertise and its solution portfolio in order to implement the respective processes efficiently and in a legally compliant manner. The focus is on use cases that require confirmation of identity or the use of a qualified electronic signature (QES).  

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»The idea is that in the future, everyone will have a wallet on their smartphone – a virtual wallet in which they can store various digital documents.« 

Lisa-Marie Rösch, Project Manager

Other projects that might interest you

  • Make provisions for emergencies and provide clarity for relatives: This is possible digitally and legally compliant with Afilio. The pension platform offers individuals, couples and families the opportunity to record their wishes in the event of an emergency. Since 2024, the company has relied on AUTHADA's digital signature to ensure that precautionary documents are always available at any time and any place.

  • comdirect, one of the most established online banks in Germany, has been offering online identification from AUTHADA since 2018. This has made it even easier for customers to open a comdirect account. comdirect was the first direct bank to use AUTHADA ident in the SDK integration version to open a custody account.

  • To open a bank account or a deposit account, banks are required to carry out an identity check to establish a person's identity. Anyone who wants to open an account online must also undergo an online identity check. At BW-Bank, this has been possible since 2020 not only via video identity between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m., but 24/7 thanks to AUTHADA ident and the eID function of the ID card.

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