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Compliant, quick & easy increasing the bet

When it comes to gambling and betting, every second counts. A player might want  to quickly increase the amount of money or their bet and may have to identify themselves again to do so. A video identification, for which an appointment is often necessary, would be very cumbersome in this case. The possibility of identifying oneself using an eID enables flexibility, speed and reliability for the players and satisfied customers for the companies.

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The challenge:​ to get identification for each bet quickly and easily

Due to legal regulations, such as the so-called German “Glücksspielstaatsvetrag” (State Gambling Treaty) and the guidelines AMLA (Anti-Money Laundering Act), this gambling provider is also obliged to identify players from a certain amount of money in a verifiable and legally compliant manner. The identification methods already integrated were expensive for the betting and gaming provider and required effort and forecasts. In addition, these identification procedures meant waiting times for customers, which in turn led to dissatisfaction and fewer calls. 

»AUTHADA ident is the perfect solution for us and our customers! Without having to wait, they can play as they please and perform the necessary identification.«

Online identification with ident

The AUTHADA solution in action

By adding another identification option within the framework of AUTHADA ident, players can now identify themselves 24/7 and without media discontinuity. They no longer have to wait for an appointment to verify their identity and activate additional budgets. Thanks to the maximum scalability of the new identification method, the company can also easily handle larger volumes of applications. With this method, the costs are reduced by half and cumbersome processes, such as forecasts for the next few months, are no longer necessary. 

Our customer projects: AUTHADA solutions in use

  • comdirect, one of the most established online banks in Germany, has been offering online identification from AUTHADA since 2018. This has made it even easier for customers to open a comdirect account. comdirect was the first direct bank to use AUTHADA ident in the SDK integration version to open a custody account.

  • Making precautionary care simple and accessible to everyone - that is the goal of To ensure that precautionary documents, such as living wills and health care proxies, no longer lie in a drawer, but are always available at any time and any place, the company has been relying on AUTHADA's sign solution since 2022.

  • To open a bank account or a deposit account, banks are required to carry out an identity check to establish a person's identity. Anyone who wants to open an account online must also undergo an online identity check. At BW-Bank, this has been possible since 2020 not only via video identity between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m., but 24/7 thanks to AUTHADA ident and the eID function of the ID card.

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