Digital signature

AUTHADA sign – sign securely digital with QES

Do you have to travel long distances to sign contracts? With AUTHADA sign this is no longer necessary! With the Qualified Electronic Signature (QES), your customers can sign contracts regardless of location and time – or even on site at your branch. Thanks to the most secure technology, the digital signature is equivalent to the handwritten signature, even at the legal level. This saves you and your customers time, travel, and paper. In addition, you can flexibly retrieve the original document digitally. AUTHADA sign is the efficient, digital and sustainable way to sign.

digital signature with AUHADA sign
digital signature with AUHADA sign

Sign contracts online: How sign works

Start AUTHADA sign

Start AUTHADA sign and follow the instructions in the application.

ID Card and PIN

When prompted by the app, hold your ID card up to the NFC interface of your smartphone and confirm your identity by entering the 5- or 6-digit PIN.

Sign per click

Simply sign the document with just one click.

Data are transmitted

Your ID data and the signed documents are transferred to your service provider in the last step.

Legal digital signature in just a few clicks

Security, legal compliance and efficiency in one solution: With AUTHADA sign, documents can be signed in just a few minutes. You decide whether customers sign flexibly at home or on site at your branch.

Required for a digital signature with AUTHADA sign:

Customers & clients on the road

  • ID document with eID function (e.g. German ID card)
  • ID card PIN
  • NFC-enabled smartphone with AUTHADA app installed

Employees on site

  • ID document of the customer
  • Mobile device (smartphone or tablet) with AUTHADA Business app installed

On the road or on site – flexible use of the digital signature

With AUTHADA sign, signing documents is done in minutes. You decide whether your customers can sign at your branch or from anywhere, regardless of location or time.

The digital signature for on the go

Your employees or customers are often on the road? With AUTHADA sign, a location-independent signature is possible at any time. Thanks to the eID function of many ID documents, users can confirm their identity with their smartphone in less than a minute. After successful identification, the customer receives a code to start the signature process. The digital signature takes just a few clicks and one or more documents can be signed in a legally secure way.

The signature for digital processes on site

Combine the advantages of a personal consultation with those of a digital process? No problem with AUTHADA sign! Your customers can sign documents in the branch with a digital signature in no time at all. An employee starts the process by scanning the customer’s ID document with the AUTHADA Business app. The ID data is automatically read, transferred to the system and archived. The customer then receives an SMS with the confirmation code. With the entry and a few clicks, a Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) is created.

Vertragsabschluss schnell und einfach am Handy

Customize the KYC process securely & individually as you need it

Whether you want to use our ready-made AUTHADA app and website or integrate the functions of the business app into your app and website – you decide! We offer both: ready-made and customized solutions, according to your needs. Detailed information about our integration options and our product documentation can be found here:

Digital signature process – suitable for any industry

No matter whether you need to identify your customers AMLA compliant for opening a deposit or an account or in terms of the State Gambling Treaty: AUTHADA onsite is the right solution for your digital KYC process. Our business customers come from a wide range of industries and have different requirements. Thanks to our high security standards, the AUTHADA business app can also be used for strictly regulated industries.

Across industries

  • Finance
  • Telecommunications
  • eCommerce 
  • Gaming & Gambling 
  • Insurances
  • eHealth

… and many more

Legally compliant

  • Compliant with the Anti Money Laundering Act (AMLA)
  • Compliant with the German Telecommunications Act (TKG)
  • Compliant with the Regulation on Electronic Identification and Trust Services (eIDAS)
  • Compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO)


  • AUTHADA is “Certified Identification Service Provider” (IDA) by the BSI
  • Server location in Germany
  • Certified according to ISO 27001
  • Verification of the authenticity of identification documents
  • Encrypted data
  • Identity of customers remains protected

Regulatory requirements

At AUTHADA we guarantee the highest level of security and protection for your customers’ data. AUTHADA’s solutions are compatible with numerous regulations and laws and in some cases exceed the legal requirements for security and data protection.

German Money Laundering Act (GwG)

An GwG-compliant identification can be implemented with the help of electronic proof of identity (Section 18 of the German Identity Card Act) and the electronic residence permit (Section 78 (5) of the German Residence Act), in accordance with Section 12 (1) sentence 1 No. 2 GwG. The obligations to preserve records resulting from this identification procedure (as per Section 8 (2) sentence 5) require the “service and card-specific marking”, which we provide with the data for identification.

German Telecommunications Act (TKG)

The electronic proof of identity (eID), the residence permit and the eID card for Union citizens are permissible procedures for the identification of natural persons (e.g. for the activation of SIM cards) according to Section 111 TKG. The retention obligations are analogous to Section 8 (2) sentence 5 GwG.  Accordingly, TKG-compliant identifications can be carried out with AUTHADA ident and onsite, for example, when concluding a mobile phone contract or in the branch when purchasing a SIM card.

German Identity Card Act (PAuswG)

According to Section 18 and Section 18a of the PAuswG (Section 78 (5) of the AufenthG for residence permits and Section 12 of the eIDKG for eID cards for Union citizens), reading the electronic proof of identity (eID) is a reliable process for reading ID card data online and on site. Before the data is read out, it is verified whether the person presenting the eID card is the cardholder. Before the data is read out, it is checked whether the person presenting the ID document is also the cardholder. In the case of on-site reading, this is done by a employee on site; in the case of online identification, it is done with the help of the personal ID PIN.

eIDAS Regulation

The eIDAS Regulation regulates electronic identification and electronic trust services all over Europe. The German eID has already been successfully notified and will be able to be used for identification in the EU in the future. The implementation of the eIDAS Regulation is outlined in the Trust Service Act (VDG). Moreover, as per eIDAS, a remote signature can be initiated via the German eID.

Want to know how other customers have already integrated our solutions?

  • Create digital signature

    Make provisions for emergencies and provide clarity for relatives: This is possible digitally and legally compliant with Afilio. The pension platform offers individuals, couples and families the opportunity to record their wishes in the event of an emergency. Since 2024, the company has relied on AUTHADA's digital signature to ensure that precautionary documents are always available at any time and any place.

  • comdirect, one of the most established online banks in Germany, has been offering online identification from AUTHADA since 2018. This has made it even easier for customers to open a comdirect account. comdirect was the first direct bank to use AUTHADA ident in the SDK integration version to open a custody account.

  • To open a bank account or a deposit account, banks are required to carry out an identity check to establish a person's identity. Anyone who wants to open an account online must also undergo an online identity check. At BW-Bank, this has been possible since 2020 not only via video identity between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m., but 24/7 thanks to AUTHADA ident and the eID function of the ID card.

Other identification method or signature level needed?

No problem! With our solution TOP you can flexibly select individual modules from our offer. We will create an individual solution tailored to your needs. Contact us!