The time has come to replace conventional ways of identification. AUTHADA offers pioneering digital solutions for legally compliant identification in real time.


Our solutions are certified according to the highest security standards by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI).


The Identification takes seconds and can be carried out quickly and conveniently at any time of the day using eID & PIN on the mobile device.


Personal data is always encrypted – also for AUTHADA – and it is deleted immediately from our Systems after transmission to the service provider.


AUTHADA turns the smartphone into a reading device for your german electronic identity card and the electronic residence permit. With the app solution ident, remote identification becomes a process of a few seconds – fast, secure and legally compliant.
successful identification in just a few steps

secure PIN entry and also PIN change

certified solution for many purposes



AUTHADA solutions provide a fully digital process for identifying your customers. In addition to an onboarding process in a matter of seconds, you also receive high quality data.


AUTHADA offers timely identification solutions: The possibility to identify yourself digitally at any time is soon a must-have for your own customers. AUTHADA solutions make this possible.


The scalability of the solutions is a great advantage. Location and time are not an issue when using AUTHADA solutions because they are mobile and always available.


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