Our solutions are your contribution to sustainability

The importance of sustainability is increasing: 50 percent of consumers pay attention to the fact that the supplier acts in a more socially and ecologically responsible manner when making a purchase¹, three quarters of professionals think it is important that sustainability is given a high priority by employers².

More sustainability with AUTHADA

With AUTHADA solutions, your company becomes more digital and efficient. In this way, you contribute to more sustainability for everyone and at the same time increase the attractiveness of your company and your products for customers, employees and potential applicants.

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More sustainability, less effort 

Making the company more sustainable without spending huge amounts of money, turning the whole office upside down and changing all the established processes? No problem. By implementing AUTHADA solutions, companies take a big step towards more sustainability and a future-oriented enterprise. The AUTHADA solutions fit perfectly into the processes and are very user-friendly. 

Digital office 

  • Processes become faster and leaner  
  • Employees have more time for the essentials  
  • Customers will be impressed by the speed of your service  
  • Customers can use the service at any time – no matter where and no matter when 

Paperless office 

  • Into the future with a paperless office: no trees need to be felled  
  • Saves resources in your company  
  • Space for mountains of files? No longer necessary! 

Way to a sustainable company 

  • Zero costs for mail, transport and travel. This saves your company CO2  
  • Less waste: Neither paper nor printing devices (which have to be maintained and replaced one day).  
  • The focus is not on technology, but on people. More time due to smooth processes. 

More sustainability a benefit for everyone 


  • Paperless office: Save on paper, printing and printer costs. No need to cut down trees, buy cartridges or maintain printers.  
  • Office storage cabinets full of file orders or extra storage rooms? No longer necessary, everything important is digital. Use the office space for meaningful things!  
  • No matter where you are: You can reach your customers in a click. Be on site for identification or signature? No longer necessary! 


  • No time for customers because employees have to retype and scan documents? That’s a thing of the past!   
  • Time-consuming processes? No longer necessary! The perfect solution is customised so that processes are shortened.  
  • Frustrated employees because new software is complicated? Not with AUTHADA solutions. Our solutions are user-friendly and intuitive for your employees to use. 


  • Making an appointment on site for identification or signing a contract? Not neccessary!   
  • No printing and postage costs – on both sides!  
  • Travelling by car, train or bicycle? This is a question your customers do not have to ask themselves. Due to the integration of digital solutions, no travelling is necessary. This not only protects the environment, but also saves valuable time. Your customers will be thankful for it! 

Solutions for your processes

Our solutions in use

  • Always making use of the latest technology is not only a good decision when it comes to smartphones. With AUTHADA onsite and sign, you can conclude a contract for a new smartphone with your customers in just a few minutes. GwG-compliant identification and digital contract conclusion in one step! You save time, money and paper!

  • Using their ID card and smartphone, the customers of this telecommunications provider identify themselves independently within a few minutes. The newly purchased SIM card is then immediately ready for use. Quick and smooth customer onboarding – with a reduction in costs, process optimization and the greatest degree of security!

  • A player might want to quickly increase the amount of money or their bet and may have to identify themselves again to do so. The possibility of identifying oneself using an eID enables flexibility, speed and reliability for the players and satisfied customers for the companies.

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