Use Case: Open an account & securities account online

No waiting times, no paper, no stress: open an account quickly and flexibly

Stay current and make your services available online – entirely digital and fully compliant with the GwG! Your customers can decide for themselves when, how and where they conclude the next contract with you, completely independently. With our ident solution, this process becomes free of media discontinuity, legally compliant and efficient – for you and your customers! Optimize your customer onboarding, spare resources and increase your sales!

Kontoeröffnung online

Advantages of AUTHADA

  • Adapt your offer to the consumer behaviour of the modern generation.
  • Enjoy full freedom and say goodbye to forecasts or personnel planning.
  • Be compliant with the German Telecommunications Act and the GwG, and at the same time fully digital.
  • Make your services available 24/7.
  • Integrate ident into your process chain in just a few days.
  • Customize the process chain according to your needs!

And this is how ident works

Open AUTHADA ident

Open AUTHADA ident, enter the ident code or scan the QR code.

Enter PIN

Enter the 5 or 6 digit PIN into the app.

Read ID card via NFC

When prompted by the app, hold your ID card up to the NFC interface on your smartphone.

Transfer identity data

Via the chip of your ID card and the interface of your smartphone, the data is transmitted to the service provider.

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The solutions for your processes

Our customer projects: AUTHADA solutions in use

  • Customers of this banking institution can open their account without media discontinuity immediately and effortlessly. Impressive in the in the splendour of their own corporate design, the process of online identification can be completed independently using a German identity card, residence permit or eID card for EU citizens. 

  • In addition to video identification, this financial service provider also offers its customers AUTHADA ident as an option for identification using an ID card and the NFC interface of the mobile phone. This is in line with the consumer behaviour of our digital age, in which customers are used to performing their transactions independently.

  • A well-known travel provider’s system is now becoming digital, fast and sustainable. This not only optimizes processes, but also conserves resources. Thanks to AUTHADA sign, travel financing applications are now processed entirely digitally. 

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