Manage healthcare documents digitally – uncomplicated creation of living will and healthcare power of attorney thanks to cooperation between and AUTHADA

12.07.2022 - reading time ca. 3 Minuten

We deal with unforeseen events all the time - wether it's accident insurance or household insurance. But what if an event, such as an accident, means we can no longer speak for ourselves? How should decisions be made about necessary medical interventions and who should manage the property? These questions can be clarified in advance and recorded in precautionary documents such as a living will and a healthcare power of attorney. Thanks to and AUTHADA, these are no longer in a drawer if the worst comes to the worst, but are always available digitally at any time and any place - for your own protection and to relieve the burden on your relatives.

[Darmstadt, 12. July 2022] Making precaution simple and accessible to everyone – that is the goal of In just a few simple steps, the precautionary documents are created, digitally signed with AUTHADA sign and stored in the application. Thanks to the possibility of making the precautionary documents available digitally to emergency contacts, contact persons can retrieve the documents in an emergency. The original documents are always available, not just a copy. With AUTHADA sign, users can sign the documents with their smartphone. This generates a so-called “qualified electronic signature” (QES), which is also equivalent to a handwritten signature at the legal level. No handwritten signature is visible in the signed document, but the entire document contains a kind of stamp in the file path. This stamp can only be generated if the signatory has clearly identified himself beforehand.

Secure signature with ID card and smartphone

Identification and QES can be carried out in a few minutes, at any time and from anywhere with AUTHADA sign. All that is required is the ID card (German identity card, residence permit or eID card for EU citizens), the PIN and an NFC-enabled smartphone. The identification process confirms the identity of the signatory and clearly assigns the signature to the signatory. Unlike postal or video identification processes, people do not have to show themselves in a branch or in front of a camera. “It was very important to us that the privacy of our customers is also taken into account during the identification process. AUTHADA’s solution was therefore ideal for us,” says Tobias Stirnweiß, Product Owner at

Making provisions – for yourself and your relatives

If the worst happens, the precautionary documents at hand not only ensure that one’s own will is implemented, but also relieve the burden on relatives. “An accident can turn the life of the whole family upside down. Having to make decisions in this situation is an additional burden for the family members. We would like to prevent this with our offer – even if we hope that our customers will not have to make use of their provisions,” says Tobias Stirnweiß, Product Owner at

Digital and secure pension provision

The cooperation with AUTHADA makes it even easier to create and save the precautionary documents. “We are very happy about this cooperation and about making it a little easier for people to make provisions for the future,” says Andreas Plies, CEO and co-founder of AUTHADA. In addition to the reliable and legally secure identification solution, another decisive factor in favour of AUTHADA is its legal security: AUTHADA is certified according to ISO/IEC 27001 and the BSI and stores data according to the highest security standards.


AUTHADA is a cybersecurity company that revolutionises existing identification procedures with its innovative digital identification and signature solutions. Banks, insurers, telecommunication providers or even eCommerce companies can use AUTHADA to identify their customers online or on-site in seconds and in compliance with the law via the electronic identity (eID) of the identity card. Due to the Qualified Electronic Signature (QES), contracts no longer require a handwritten signature at the regulatory level and can be con-cluded completely digitally. The AUTHADA solutions thus provide the optimal basis for digital transformation and process optimisation in companies.

AUTHADA was founded in 2015 and employs around 30 people at its location in Darmstadt. Certified by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) and according to ISO27001, AUTHADA fulfills the hig-hest security requirements.

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The Nuremberg-based project has created a platform for digital retirement planning that enables everyone to obtain comprehensive information on the topic of retirement planning, to create legally valid retirement planning documents easily and without legal assistance, and then to file them digitally. With their innovative pension solutions, the team behind has set itself the task of making the creation, filing and access to pension documents an integral part of general pension provision in the coming years. It should be a matter of course that the personal will is not only recorded, but also finds its application in any case of emergency.

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