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Service Description
ident ident is an online or remote identification service for German eID documents. Other identification documents cannot be used right now due to regulatory and technical restrictions. The end user needs their eID card, their PIN and a compatible app on their smartphone to be identified at a high level of assurance.
onsite onsite supports the face-to-face identification in a branch office or store. Many different identification documents can be processed. In case of eID cards, the data is extracted from the contained chip. The CAN is used to access the chip. In case of other ID documents (e.g. passports or ID cards), the data is collected via OCR (for a growing number of documents). For unsupported documents, a photo is taken and relevant identification data can be entered manually.


Term Definition
AUTHADA Authentication Library (AAL) The AAL contains all necessary functions for a customer to provide the AUTHADA services to their users in the customer’s own app. The AAL is meant to be implemented both in the customer’s app and UI / UX.
Individual or user A natural person that needs to identify him- or herself towards a legal entity (authority, institution, company or the like).
Customer / Service Provider One or more legal entities implementing and using AUTHADA services.
eID Card This term refers to the German ID Card, the electronic residence permit (eAT), and the eID card for citizens of the European Union and the European Economic Area.
(Other) ID document Any other document that can be used for identification but does not contain a German eID. Examples are the German passport, the Dutch identity card or the passport of the United States.
Card Access Number (CAN) Necessary to access the eID data via onsite. The CAN is printed on the right side of the front page of the eID Card. Additionally, the CAN needs to be entered by the user in the ident case, when their PIN has been entered incorrectly twice. The third and last try has to be unlocked with the CAN.
Personal Identification Number (PIN) Secret five- or six-digit number. Necessary for the use of the eID in an online / remote scenario for identification, namely in the “ident” product of AUTHADA. The PIN is not required in the onsite case.
Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) A QES allows for completely digital signing processes. It replaces the need for physical documents to be signed by hand.
IDA IDA stands for Identifizierungsdiensteanbieter (identification service provider). AUTHADA is certified as IDA and is therefore allowed to acess the German eID in any business use case.