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Deep Links (Deprecated)

Deeplinks should not be used anymore, due to the implementation of the “Ident-Code”.

The Ident-Code is a 10-character code that should be displayed on your website. The user needs to enter it into the AUTHADA ident app, to start a prcoess.


The AUTHADA App should to be installed on the device before following the deeplink/TapConnect feature.

Deeplink This link should be displayed after the prompt to download the AUTHADA app. The links works for both environments Android and iOS. When the app is already installed, the mobileToken can be transferred directly to the app. When the user opens the link the AUTHADA app will open and the start code is being processed.

AUTHADA prod app:    authada://ident?code=TOKEN_VALUE
AUTHADA staging app: authadastaging://ident?code=TOKEN_VALUE
TOKEN_VALUE = mobileToken from AUTHADA

The TOKEN_VALUE is transferred and processed by the app.

Store / Download links





Staging: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.authada.id.staging&referrer=TOKEN_VALUE

(replace TOKEN_VALUE as explained in the following)

Noteworthy for Android:

Install / Market Link – Install app from Google Playstore and transfer start code (mobileToken)

It is possible to install the the AUTHADA app, transport the start code (mobileToken) and open the app after installation in the proper context.

When the app is not installed the user opens the “Install app” link. The user will then be transferred to the Google Playstore. After the app has been installed the start code (mobileToken) is automatically transferred to the app and the user can start the identification process immediately. This way, the user does not need to go back to the website, therefore AUTHADA recommends this implementation.