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Test System

AUTHADA provides a test system which is called “staging”. The staging system has the same features as the production system with one major difference. It can only be used with test eID cards. It is not possible to use real eID cards with the staging system.

The staging system consists of the following parts:

Staging Backend System – which is handling the process server-sided.

To connect to the AUTHADA backend system, the neccessary API calls need to be implemented. Please see our API documentation for that.
You will also need a certificate to login to the AUTHADA systems, which will be provided by your AUTHADA contact person.

Staging App – which is a special app to work only with the staging system and Test eID cards.

We provide staging apps for Android and iOS, for onsite and ident. To be able to test your implementation of the AUTHADA services, you need access to these staging apps. All of these apps are closed beta tests.

For Android, we need you to provide us with the email addresses of Google/G-Mail accounts or G-Suite accounts, that you use on you testing devices.

For iOS, we need you to provide us with the email addresses of the Apple IDs used on your testing devices. The staging apps are distributed via TestFlight.

We will release the requested staging app(s) for these accounts, and you will receive invitations via email for the respective app(s).

Webdemo – optional – website to test the process.

The webdemo is an example implementation of our web portal “connect” and can be used for testing and demo purposes.