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Implementation Scenarios

We provide several implementation scenarios in which our services can be used. Additionally, several configuration options are available for some of the scenarios. In the following, we want to provide an overview of these scenarios and the possible configurations. Details for the technical implementations can be found in the respective API documentations.

For any service in any scenario you need to implement the AUTHADA Backend. The eID Card architecture requires, by the definition of the Federal Office of Information Security (BSI), that the cards are only to be read out by a server component. Our services require two calls, one for the initialisation and one for fetching the results. The rest of the process is performed in the corresponding front-end application.

The ident service is available for Android and iOS. Three implementation scenarios are available right now. These scenarios and the configuration options apply to both mobile operating systems.

EASY: Standalone App with connect portal

ident in combination with our connect portal is the fastest way to implement the AUTHADA service. Your end users are forwarded to our connect website where describe the identification process and its requirements to the end user. They are guided through the process and will be redirected to your website when the process is finished. You can test our self-disclosure which implements connect. You need our app for Android or iOS as well as an activated eID Card.

CUSTOMIZED: Standalone App with your own website

You can implement the website’s front-end yourself. In this case, your website needs to describe the identification process and its requirements to the end user and display the redirect link (QR code in case of a desktop computer, link in case of the mobile device where the app is installed). The user needs to download and use the AUTHADA ident app to perform the actual identification. After finishing the identification in the app, the end user returns to your website.

SDK: AUTHADA Authentication Library (AAL) mobile SDK

You take care of all customer-facing UIs, AUTHADA is not visible to the user. You can have full control of the mobile implementation by integrating our AAL into your app. We provide APIs, demo implementations and implementation guidelines. The user flow and design can be completely created by your team. (*some limitations apply regarding the flow of the identification process and information you need to display to the end user).

SDK UI/UX Guidelines
SDK API Documentation