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AUTHADA sign is a software solution which allows signing documents electronically using a qualified electronic signature (QES). The QES is legally binding and the digital equivalent to a handwritten signature (§126a, German Civil Code). Details and technical requirements of the qualified electronic signature are specified in the eIDAS regulation.

AUTHADA sign combines AUTHADA ident* with a qualified electronic signature to provide one single simple workflow which allows signing a PDF electronically and legally secure within a short period of time.

As of right now, the standalone implementation is available. A web-based SDK for sign which allows our customers to completely customize the workflow to their UI/UX will be availbale soon.+

Please also refer to our API documentation for more in-depth information and technical details about AUTHADA sign.

*AUTHADA ident is an online or remote identification service for eID documents. In order to complete the identification, the end user needs their eID card, the corresponding PIN and the AUTHADA smartphone app.