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OCR (Optical Character Regocnition)

It is possible to enable an alternative acquisition of additional data fields via Optical Character Recognition (OCR). There are different use cases and scenarios in which OCR can be used.
  1. A document is not supported: The AUTHADA Business App does not recognise a known document in the picture. This can happen if one tries to scan a German driving licence. However, there is an option to configure the app in such way to only transfer the pictures of the ID card for this unknown document.
  2. In principle, the MRZ (machine-readable zone) can be recognised for corresponding documents, this ID card, however, is not fully supported by the AUTHADA Business App. Almost all passports issued worldwide and almost all European identity cards can be recognised. For them, the document type UNKNOWN_TD3_DOC or UNKNOWN_TD1_DOC is returned. There is also the option to transfer the content of the machine-readable-zone as it was recognised by the OCR. In order to enable this feature, “MRZ” has to be added to the parameter documents -> fields. Please note that all fields speficied in the API can be gathered via OCR and then be made available.
  3. Full support of ID document: The AUTHADA Business App recognises the MRZ and/or other specific features of the supported ID document (e.g. German passport). In this case all fields specified in the API can be gathered via OCR and be made available.
Please find the list of documents, that can be read out via OCR here.