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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a maximum number of signed pages for the document to be signed?2022-10-25T14:55:39+02:00

No, there are no restrictions regarding the number of pages or the size of the document.

Which standard is used to sign the document?2022-11-10T13:46:05+01:00

The signature type is PADES.

For how long are the evidence PDF and the certificate stored?2022-11-10T13:47:23+01:00

Both the PDF and certificate are stored for 20 years. 

Are the signed PDFs archived?2022-11-10T13:47:48+01:00

No, not by default. In case long term archiving for your contract documents is necessary, please reach out to us. 

Can the signature be checked for validity?2022-11-10T13:48:34+01:00

Yes, this is possible with different tools. 

Is it possible for several people to sign a document within the same processsession?2022-11-10T13:48:54+01:00

This is not possible right now. However, there is, depending on the use case, the possibility to offer sequential sessions.  

Which languages are supported during the signing process?2022-11-10T13:49:17+01:00

Currently both English and German are supported. 

How long does it take to complete the signing process?2022-11-10T13:49:39+01:00

The process can be completed within 2 minutes plus the time the user takes to read everything thoroughly. 

How much time can a user take to finish the process?2022-11-10T13:50:05+01:00

The user has 60 minutes to finish the process. 

Is sign compliant with the eIDAS regulation?2022-11-10T13:50:25+01:00

Yes, sign offers a qualified electronic signature, which is the signature procedure with the highest level of assurance according to the eIDAS regulation. 

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