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Configurations Options

Photo The product can be configured to take photos of the eID document used in an identification process. Additionally, OCR is performed on these photos and data not stored on the chip is provided in the resulting data set as well as the photos. AUTHADA provides you with a separate “product” parameter to initialise our service.
NO-TAN At the end of the process in the app it is possible to display a TAN for the end user. In case the TAN is displayed, you need this TAN as resultToken to fetch the data from our backend. Additionally, when the user enters the TAN, you know they finished the process on our side. If you don’t use a TAN, the user needs to inform you in another way that the process has been completed. AUTHADA provides you with a separate “product” parameter to initialize our service.
Webhook A webhook can be used to inform you about a completed identification process. Without a webhook, the end user needs to manually inform you that the identification process is finished, e.g. by pressing a button on your website. However, you can request that the AUTHADA backend informs your backend implementation when an identification session is finished.  With EventMode enabled, you will also be informed about several other steps of the AUTAHDA process. Link to API
This setting is relevant if you use the AUTHADA ident app. At the end of the app process, the user needs to switch back to your website. Therefore, the user is required to switch the app and navigate back to the start. With this setting, a return link can be shown to the end user within our app, in case the user started the app via deeplink. The link should point to the website, where the end user should continue the process on your side. A link can be given to our servers at the beginning of an identification session. This link will be displayed in the AUTHDA App at the end of the session. Thus, the user can jump back to your website with ease.   Link to API
Display your Logo within AUTHADA App This setting is relevant if you use the AUTHADA ident app. To provide your users with a more consistent and trustworthy experience, we can display your Logo or at least your firm within the flow of our app. Therefore you need to provide us with the corresponding links to your logos for light- and darkmode. Link to API